A feeling of being without fear


What are dreams to you?  They can be an idea or wish of something we want to accomplish.  Or, they can be those interesting activities that go on in our minds when we are sleeping.  I’m going to speak a bit about them.

A little while ago one came to mind I want to share.  I don’t want to make a long story, but I was brought up Baptist, I am still a moderate Baptist, but I’m beginning to wonder about organized religion.  It seems there is always so much conflict, and one wants to be right and make the others wrong, etc.  However, I think if a church is where I can be the most connected, I’m there!  Hasn’t been the case for me recently, but that may be changing.  Anyhow, I fear death.  I joke that I’m still not sure if I’m going to hell or not when the truth is I don’t even believe in a hell that doesn’t exist on this plane.

So, I thought I feared hell more than death, but a dream I had within the last few years showed me otherwise.  First, I’ve had a recurring dream about plain crashes throughout my life.  It started with a knowledge of a crash at the airport, each dream brought me closer to the airport over the years until I saw the plane crash.  Then I didn’t have the dream again.  I did have another dream where I was in a plane that crashed and I knew I was going to die.  I felt fear, then an incredible peace and feeling of safety.  I welcomed death.  Then I woke up.

I believe we are sometimes blessed with reassurances from Spirit in our dreams.  I could go on about other dreams I’ve had in which I felt this.  They are somehow different.  This one didn’t feel like one of those.  I did remember the feeling of being without fear vividly, however, and it was like a precious gift.  I had no idea how much fear I have in my life, which I, of course, have tried to become more conscious of.

Let me know if you have any dreams to share, or want to ‘talk’ about.  I love dreams.  I write them down a lot and sometimes I can’t read what I wrote!  They are usually a little unpleasant, but that one offered me a glimpse of what it would feel like to not have fear.

Oh, by the way, I always take a tranquilizer before I fly.  I’ve been doing this about 5 years, and Jeezum Crowe, it’s so nice not to be staring at the flight attendant the whole time, to make sure he or she doesn’t look panicked!  And being able to breathe during takeoff and while landing.  I like breathing consistently.


7 Responses to “A feeling of being without fear”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There is no fear in the present moment. Fear only exists in the past and in the future. We worry about what happened in the past and we worry about what's going to happen in the future. We feel anger, shame, and resentment about events of the past we cannot change. We expend huge amounts of energy trying to control what happens in the future. If we live only in the present moment we are set free from worry. We don't regret the past; we don't fret about the future. Most of us have difficulty staying in the present. At one time, all of us had this ability to focus on the present. We've just used this talent less and less as we grew up. I regret that I've let this happen to me and plan to use it more in the future. No, wait. I gotta do it right now!!

  2. Julie Brown Says:

    Smile, this comment is by Tim, my hubby. Some of us are whiz-bang women, and some of us are whiz-bang men. We all have our male and female sides. The left sides are our female sides, our right sides are our male sides. That's why when I join hands in a circle I have my left palm up, right palm down.

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Loving your blog and appreciate the Tweet link! Since you asked about dreams I have to share one which thankfully I haven't experienced in a while, but which used to occur fairly often … a therapist would have a heyday with it, but it's pretty obvious that it represented a life out of control. It's short and simple, but often was part of one of those strange illogical 'dream stories' that just don't make sense but seem totally 'believable' as they happen in dream land … anyway, the common theme is that I find myself in the *back* seat of car which is traveling at a high rate of speed down a dark road … nobody at the wheel and no way to steer or brake! I find myself in a panic wondering how to stop the car … how to brake … how to avoid the inevitible collision … knowing the end is near and going to be violent and then I wake up. I've never been able to climb into the front seat to gain control or stop the car but also have never experienced the inevitible crash either. Total helplessness! What does it mean? Fortunately it's been nearly a year since I've had that dream, however I've experienced it more than a half a dozen times (that I can remember!) That I haven't had it in a while is a good sign. I'm on the right road it seems.

    – Leslie
    (methinks I need to set up some kind of ID!)

  4. Julie Brown Says:

    Leslie, that is so interesting. I have the same dream sometimes, except it doesn't terrify me for some reason. I have a little control in the dream, usually. Like you, I'm in the back seat but I think my arms are extra long and I can reach the steering wheel, and I'm trying to get a child (I don't know who, have had this dream for years) to help with the brakes. I'm not terrified, just really worried. Don't feel out of control. Isn't that interesting to have a dream so similar but have different feelings during the dream? I think I read that you can put intent toward a dream when you are awake to have a different outcome. Can't think if I've tried it or not.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Look forward to hearing from you more.

  5. Robert M.Reidy Says:

    My goodness you have brought up so many areas of discussion. You are an ardent seeker, for sure. How wonderful to be so curious – a sign of awakening.
    Regarding fear, I think that a wonderful tool of our unique time are the compilation of books and research on NDE's. I highly recommend the book "Closer To The Light" with short case studies of children from different cultures who flatlined and remembered. I would suggest reading a short case before going to sleep at night. The reason side of us has first to be convinced of the 'continuim'. We are mind body AND SPIRIT.
    Regarding the religion thing, it is very healthy – This stepping back intuition you are responding to – understand this that anything that seperates serves darkness, ignorance, and fosters untold suffering in the world. Conversly anything that unites us is true and liberating towards joy. If you choose a seperation system to avoid what we call insecurity, wehter it be a tribe, a religious elitism, national pride etc you are empowering seperation systems and you are held in the grip of that bondage. All seperation is bondage – All sense of unity is liberating. It is a matter of allowing the unified field of pure intelligence which is a sea of Love and Mercy wash over you. I will end with a short poem:

    I AM

    ever immersed in Love,
    ever flowing from here to now,

    I AM

    by Robert M. Reidy

  6. Julie Brown Says:

    Thank you, Robert, for your input. I am a hopeless Sagittariun seeker! I am always wanting to know more, more, more. I have read Closer to the Light. I will re-read it, and use it in the way you suggested. What a great idea! Thank you also for your lovely poem.

    I don't mind not having answers. I would be unhappy if I stopped having questions. Questions stimulate and inspire me.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Julie, I've thought of a different dream I once had which is quite silly and not at all worthy of analysis but still wanted to share … I can't 'explain' it, but do recall it as vividly as the night I had it over 15 years ago while very pregnant. Like real life, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy but not 100% sure whether I would be delivering a boy or girl but nevertheless sooooo eager to know! Insurance wouldn't cover another sonogram so I had to go with an early report that it was most likely going to be a girl. In the dream I was home in Radford visiting my parents and while in church began to feel serious labor pains … during "halftime" (goofy dream addition … what church service has a halftime?!!), I decided it would be best to leave (in reality, I never did like the sermon part anyway hahaha) so off to the hospital we went. While riding in the backseat, I discovered that, like a kangaroo, I actually had a pouch and could actually "peek" inside and know for sure which sex I'd be delivering! Always the adventurous one, I decided to be naughty and sneak a peek. As I opened the pouch and peered in, to my astonishment I saw the cutest but most surprising little thing … a puppy! As my husband eagerly waited for me to report our child's sex, all I could say is …. "We're going to have … a beagle!"

    – Leslie

    PS I still gotta figure out how this ID works! I set up my Google acct but it didn't take it … I'm new to this blog thing!

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