Morning is peace, tranquility, joy.

Morning is an assault to the senses,

Harsh, tentative

I lay with my alarm clock to my chest, snoozing, worrying, wanting.

2 Responses to “Morning”

  1. Stephanie Joyce Says:

    Julie, your writing is straight from the heart. Glad to see you trying your hand at poetry…morning-I can relate. I love this new endeavor…will be interesting to see where it will lead and the connections that will be made!

  2. Julie Brown Says:

    Thank you my creative friend and mentor. That poem was in my mind/heart from the moment I got up. Had to write it down. I'm going to be writing more. Can't believe I have so much to say. Thanks for joining the conversation. Thank you also for your counsel on my shocking news. I needed your "first read" on the meaning of the event, and you were right on. Love you.

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