Grey Gardens


Whenever a film is made about true events or people, I check to see if there is a documentary, and there was for this film.  It was made by none other than the great Maysles brothers, Albert & David.  Just finished watching this and it was interesting.  Unfortunately I was distracted by something with my family today and I couldn’t enjoy it as I might have.  I’m trying to digest something huge, which I found out about at 5:36pm.  I’m trying to get to a positive place with it.  

Regarding Grey Gardens, I’m sure the recent film starring Jessica Lange & Drew Barrymore was much more stylish, but this documentary was very authentic.  I was also distracted by researching these women on the internet, while watching the documentary..  I should probably watch it again, but I doubt I will.  I pretty much have the scoop now!  I recommend watching it.  It is an interesting study in, extreme eccentricity, at least.


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