Leslie, I’m sure you don’t mind, I decided to start a new thread with your dream.  I thought this was quite funny.  Stephanie & I have a great friend, Theresa, and once she dreamed she had a litter of kittens!  Your dream reminded me of this.  I am going to google dream of woman delivering animal or something and see what comes up.  It has to mean something!  I believe if a dream remains extremely vivid, it definitely has significance.

Also, you are just full of sass & verve.  I love it!  You are another powerful, creative, entrepreneur, please include a link to your business next time.  It inspires me to see women following their dreams (tangible ones!) by having their own businesses.

Julie, I’ve thought of a different dream I once had which is quite silly and not at all worthy of analysis but still wanted to share … I can’t ‘explain’ it, but do recall it as vividly as the night I had it over 15 years ago while very pregnant. Like real life, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy but not 100% sure whether I would be delivering a boy or girl but nevertheless sooooo eager to know! Insurance wouldn’t cover another sonogram so I had to go with an early report that it was most likely going to be a girl. In the dream I was home in Radford visiting my parents and while in church began to feel serious labor pains … during “halftime” (goofy dream addition … what church service has a halftime?!!), I decided it would be best to leave (in reality, I never did like the sermon part anyway hahaha) so off to the hospital we went. While riding in the backseat, I discovered that, like a kangaroo, I actually had a pouch and could actually “peek” inside and know for sure which sex I’d be delivering! Always the adventurous one, I decided to be naughty and sneak a peek. As I opened the pouch and peered in, to my astonishment I saw the cutest but most surprising little thing … a puppy! As my husband eagerly waited for me to report our child’s sex, all I could say is …. “We’re going to have … a beagle!”

– Leslie

added by Julie–since you mentioned beagles, must show you my precious Ryder, dachshund/beagle mix, 1993-2007.  I’m going to insert his pic, hopefully will be where it is supposed to be, Ha Ha!  Here’s my boy.


5 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Uncle Enore Says:

    As for ME, I never…repeat…never remember my dreams. Haven't since I was in high school, whatever the hell that means.

  2. Julie Says:

    Do you want to remember your dreams? If you do, there are ways to learn to. I could tell you about them. One way is to have a recorder by the bed and tell the recorder about your dream as soon as you wait up. I've done this before and it creeped me out because I didn't sound like myself at all!

  3. Uncle Enore Says:

    There's nothing to write down, because just awake or not, I don't remember a thing, ever.

    Example: I just woke up from a (you'll pardon the expression) FOUR hour nap, and all I remember is one of my little dogs woke me up, like she always does, a couple hours into it, and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

    That's it, LOL!

  4. Julie Says:

    Yes, I saw you had a 4 hour nap, you old fart! Of course, I had a 2 1/2 hour nap today, so I can't talk. I dreamed, but I didn't remember because I didn't write it down, although I remember that I dreamed. It's like an unfinished thought.

    Does your pooch dream? Mine does. Sometimes she has a little chase in her dreams, and her paws are a-going. A couple of days ago she woke herself up snoring.

    I've woken myself up laughing, before, and I must say, that is a pleasant experience. I wish it would happen more often. Now would be nice because I'm fighting the blues badly. Can't believe how much the heart hurts. It will pass, though. Always does!

  5. Uncle Enore Says:

    Yeah, I've seen Molly's little feets and hands moving as if in a dream, so I guess she does now and then, but not too often.


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