I almost gave up on Mad Men


I am on the 4th disc of the 2nd season of Mad Men.    I don’t know if there are anymore discs for the 2nd season.  This one has 4 episodes.  I watched the 1st episode then didn’t go back to it all week.  I had no desire to.  Then, last night, I watched the 2nd episode and coudn’t stop until I’d seen all 4.  I was hooked again.  I just don’t understand some of the behavior of the people on there. 

The story line has been good, but the dialogue is still average.  There was a really traumatic incident involving poor Joan Holloway.  Makes one feel really bad for her for the first time.   She is one of the best developed characters on the show. 

Today I received the film Little VoiceI plan to watch it over the weekend.  I also plan to watch some of the  “watch instantly” films in my queue on Netflix. 

Oh, I joined a DVD club, Ironweed Films.  They deliver a socially progressive film with some shorts on the same  issue each month.  I’m very excited!!  Oh, if you check it out and decide to join, please do it through my website.  I haven’t set it up yet, but it’s such a great cause and interesting as well, that I decided to put a link on my blog which will enable me to get a little $$ if someone subscribes via my website.  Just haven’t set it up yet.

And, I’m going to see Souvenir next week.  An old high school friend who I’ve become re-acquainted with on FB and Twitter asked me if I wanted to go.  It’s showing at a dinner theatre in Hanover.  

Lots of fun stuff, and Sunday is my 11th wedding anniversary.


2 Responses to “I almost gave up on Mad Men”

  1. Uncle Enore Says:

    My uptake on current social culture has been extremely retarded for the past, oh, three decades or so. Up until my foot got smooshed, all I did was work, the duration and nature of which didn’t lend itself to going to the movies, or watching TV, or renting DVD’s to watch, for example.

    So, though I was aware of Netflix and it’s history, how it works and all that, it’s only been in the past two months that I’ve joined up, and I LOVE it. Not only are the DVD’s flowing in, but I can also sit here on my ever-widening ass, watch a movie, blog, talk to you, and it streams from Netflix.

    I wobble in and out of moviedom, but I suppose I’m averaging half dozen movies a week, sometimes more, as the mood strikes me.

    I’m trying to catch up.

    • Yes, being able to watch a movie on my laptop is the best. The TV & Netflix queue are frequently comandeered by my son. Sometimes when your your whole family is the opposite gender you just have to capitulate. So, when Netflix started offering this I was delighted.

      My son is expanding his horizons with film, but action/adventure remains his favorite film genre. We have Netflix VERY confused. They don’t know what to suggest, and what they come up with sometimes is funny.

      Thanks for reading!!

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