Richmond is a lovely town.  We have a rich history, in the traditional sense.  Some of the great things about Richmond are the variety of architecture, its diversity of some of the neighborhoods and  there are several old, established universities & seminaries.  There is a large cultural presence here.  The Virginia Museum for Fine Arts  is quite nice, and large & advanced for a city of this size.  Thanks to VCU and its great art school, we have many artists here. 

We had a baseball team for years, a farm team associated with the Atlanta Braves, the Richmond Braves.  A new baseball stadium called ‘The Diamond’ was built in the 80’s to replace the decades old Parker Field.  About 5 or so years ago, some proponents for the advancement of our city suggested we build a new stadium in Shockoe Bottom.   Here are some pictures of Shockoe Bottom when Tropical Storm Gaston dropped a deluge of rain here.

AfterAfter GastonDuring the storm


I don’t think I need to say anything more about that!  Actually Richmond was one of the earliest cities in America that had underground waterpipes, so they are ancient.  It was a dangerous storm, and the aging water pipes, along with the flood wall that keeps the James River out when it floods, worked together as if Gaston had come here to build a pool in Shockhoe Bottom.

Anyhow, our Braves got tired of us and went to another fair city.  A lot of us didn’t attend the games, and some of us were always talking about what a rotten venue we had in the Diamond.  Now, a new farm team is coming to Richmond.   I think they will be playing at the Diamond.  Haven’t heard much about a new ball field lately.  Guess what we named this new team?  The Flying Squirrels!  flyingsquirrel

I hope the kids will come!


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