Creative Spark


That is the name of my writing class. It was intense and wonderful. At first I was a little uncomfortable because there are 8 people in the class and the instructor and there were 2 tables pushed together w/ 9 chairs–3 on each long side, 2 at one end and 1 for the instructor at the other end. It felt too close!! I think he wanted to build intimacy, and he did! Everyone said their names and a little about themselves, and then everyone (except 1 girl who must have psychically made herself invisible, because he forgot to call on her) told a story about a subject he would throw out. The stories were fascinating. Mine was on the subject of ghosts.

If you don’t know my husband was widowed when he was 35. His wife, Denise, died suddenly. Well, her heart stopped and she collapsed and stopped breathing and never regained consciousness. She passed 2 days later, at the age of 33. The boys were 2 & 5. They were 4 & 7 when I became their stepmother. I didn’t know any of them before Denise passed.

The story I told was of B seeing her one day, and when he described what she was wearing it was the same dress in which she was buried. She also visits them in dreams. We haven’t talked about it much lately, but I always felt good for them that they had what I consider a very real spiritual connection to her. B was only 2 when she died, so he was kind of robbed of memories. He had to make his own memories, and I was thankful that he had this experience of seeing her, too.

Then, we did 2 timed writings. One was for 10 minutes, and after the break we did another for 15 minutes. The first one started with the words “I remember..”, and the 2nd one started with the words “I don’t remember..”. It was intense. There was a lot of feeling and there were a lot of connections between people in the class that emerged.

On the first one I sort of did a stream of consciousness writing and kept writing things that would pop into my head. The 2nd one was telling a story about family members.

This morning I was thinking how much of our memories and how our stories are shaped by experiences others’ have recounted to us. The story I told about on the 2nd one were things I’ve been told, because most of these people were elderly when I was born, and some of them died when I was very young.

I loved the class. It was exactly what I wanted. It definitely stirred a creative spark already, because I can’t stop writing. It’s all I can think about. As soon as I woke up I wrote about the dream I was having when I woke up. I’ve found that if I write about it, I remember more parts of it as I write. I’m so happy about the class!!

It also made me feel connected to each person in the class, and as one of my classmates pointed out afterward, there was no one in the class who was super-needy and hogged the instructor’s (and the class’s) attention. Each person had interesting things to write, and each person was attentive to the others. It was very giving. I think I forgot to mention that after we did these writings we read them out loud to the class.


2 Responses to “Creative Spark”

  1. Uncle Enore Says:

    I’m glad you had a good time.

    Dreams, huh?

    I know we all dream, or so I’ve read, but you couldn’t prove it by me. I never remember my dreams, nor can I remember a time when I did. Oh, sure, there’s the occasional dream that I might keep just a piece of, but not for years, now.

    I’m sure that means something, though what, I have no idea.

  2. I know you never remember your dreams, but I remember a lot of mine. I’ve had recurring dreams, nightmares that I had over and over as a kid. I think they were just my fears (conscious, subconscious & unconscious) working themselves out.

    I don’t spend of lot of time trying to figure them out. When I need to know they show their meaning to me. Sometimes I will meditate on the feelings the dream brings up.

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