Creative Spark Assignment


Our assignment this week for writing class is to pick an object from the mantel, bedside table, etc., and tell the story behind it. Unfortunately, most of my mementos are packed away since we moved into 1/3 of the square feet we formerly occupied.

I’m also feeling worried about what to do with the 5 pods we have in storage, as well as things several of our friends are storing for us. We are hoping to get into a little bit bigger apartment before the end of the year. I am so glad I don’t have a mortgage. I think it’s a great time to not have a mortgage. I thank God for helping me sell my house so quickly.

I will remember the rules of writing for the class: Don’t worry, er, maybe not. I don’t have them in front of me but this is a good one to follow at this time.

I’m thinking about writing about the boys, because one (or actually 2) mementos I have on one of our tables in the living room are pictures of the boys when they were little. The photos were taken before I knew the boys, so perhaps I’ll write about that, although I’ve already shared some of that with the class. Oh, well. I didn’t find anyone’s stories boring last Tuesday so hopefully they won’t find mine boring either!

Going to see “Souvenir” with whiz-bang woman Frances Stanley this evening and I’m very excited. It’s at the Barksdale Theatre, which is a great venue.  We’re going to have dinner there first.  I hope it’s good.  They are under ‘new management’.  Anyhow, it will be fun.  It is a historical building, and it was known as Hanover Tavern.  Here’s a pic.

Hanover Tavern


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