A wonderful day with my hubby


It’s been great.  Tim and I had a nice, quiet, loving day.  And this evening we got so much done around here!!   

Talked with whiz-bang woman Ashtoreth for a long time this morning.   What a fabulous, feisty, friendly, graceful DIVINE woman and friend!  Another friend born on 11/23–that’s 6 people I know born that day, including yours truly.

Okay, on TV now, Nancy Grace covering the Balloon Boy event.  Quite loud and entertaining.  ONLY IN AMERICA!!


19 Responses to “A wonderful day with my hubby”

  1. Uncle Enore Says:

    Nancy Grace makes my fucking teeth ache.

    Somehow “Screeching harridan” comes to mind when I hear her.

  2. LOL!!!! You are hilarious!

  3. Uncle Enore Says:

    LOL…well, I mean, why must she BRAY like that? I’m not deaf. I trust you ain’t. Even if you were, screaming like she does wouldn’t do any good, you’d be DEAF.

  4. Exactly, and I kept telling Tim while we were watching how sorry I felt for her poor kids. They are going to be so f—ed up! And then she gets all misty over something. Can anyone say DRAMA??

  5. Uncle Enore Says:

    Can anyone say UGLY? God, I suppose she must be married to a blind deaf guy, eh?

  6. I can’t really tell for all the makeup and screeching. I’ve seen pictures of her husband. He looks rather pithy.

  7. Uncle Enore Says:

    WELL, then, that explains it all. They’re both into pith games, eh?

    Shoulda known.

    (LOL…don’t blame ME, you set it up. What could I DO?)

  8. Uncle Enore Says:

    For one, I could have acted like an adult. I know you don’t want your blog turned into something where some ole dumbass yammers and messes up the continuity and context you’re trying for.


    There it was.

    Not only something I could deliberately misunderstand, always a fun thing, but this I could turn into something twistedly sexual. Pith games, thus producing a double, double entendre.

    Julie, this is what I do. I could have stopped myself, and been an adult, but, truly, I didn’t even think about it. Like the snake looking at the mouse…just instinct.

    Now, I don’t say this to defend myself, my behavior was, typically, boorish and, I think, in retrospect, out of line. I tell you this to explain, is all.

    Plus, as I’m writing this, the fucking 49ers are behind Houston 14 to zip. I should be allowed some leeway.

    • I, as one who frequently doesn’t notice subtlies or entendres, took no offense, Uncle!! I like humor!!

      Now, who are the 49’ers? Ha Ha, just kidding!! I’m not a football fan but I do like NCAA basketball, all eastern teams, preferably ACC teams.

  9. Uncle Enore Says:

    Basket ball…that’s that game with the big ole tall black guys, right?

  10. Uncle Enore Says:

    Midget basketball would be pretty cool, huh? Of course, we’d keep the baskets at regulation height…

  11. Uncle Enore Says:

    Hey, my daughter is a midget. I know about these people.

  12. You two DO keep me entertained! Keep it up!

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