American Meth


Just watched American Meth.   It was difficult to watch.   It demonstrated, quite well, the toll meth addiction takes on different areas of our society.  I wasn’t looking for uplifting, and therefore I was not disappointed!  Why I am attracted to depressing films I do not know.

I know what it’s like to be addicted to cigarettes and, to a lesser extent, certain types of food.  I can’t imagine being addicted to meth.  It destroys much faster than a lot of other drugs. 

Okay, NOW, I’ll go back to my fluff read.  Thank God for fluff!


3 Responses to “American Meth”

  1. Uncle Enore Says:

    You know, there may be elderly ole hippymen that read this, who have had MUCH to do with drugs in years past, including a fine little dance with meth.

  2. Uncle Enore Says:

    No, I didn’t watch it.

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