I read a book and a half last night!


I’m on a reading frenzy.  Last night I read The Adversary by a French writer, Emmanuel Carrere.  This was fascinating nonfiction, and I have already ordered 2 of his novels from the bargain bin at my favorite bookstore, Better World Books.  Can’t wait to get them.  I also started Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace by Gore Vidal.  It is Vidal’s examination and commentary on Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City massacre, and 9/11/01.  It also examines the aggression and military or covert involvement of the US in world affairs since the end of WW II. 

Well, off to work.


2 Responses to “I read a book and a half last night!”

  1. Wow – you are amazing. I just finished reading Ted Kennedy’s book and “The Heretics Daughter.” I’m now reading a book whose name is escaping me that traces women in history and shows all of the amazing things we’ve done that nobody knows about. I’m sure I’ll be angry by the end of it :). Thanks for inspiring me with your voracious reading!

  2. Cool, Donna! You are inspiring too!

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