Twitter Art Auction


I saw the coolest thing on Twitter.  The twitter name is @140hours .  The website is http://www.140hours.com/ .  It’s a fine arts auction and it’s kind of like ebay.  Go to the site and check it out.   There are some really cool pieces, lots of different styles, mostly paintings.  I am really impressed, so glad I ran across this.  I hadn’t been on twitter for a week, by the way.  Also, if you do twitter and want to follow me I’m juliawb.  It is my most liberal social networking arena, so, just so you know!

I’ll link to some of the ones I liked.

http://www.140hours.com/paintings/pages/kristencarleton.htm – the colors are clear, beautiful and concise. 

http://www.140hours.com/paintings/pages/andreaphillips.htm – cool social commentary, picture tells a story, interpretation can vary

http://www.140hours.com/paintings/pages/jenniferrehnke.htm – beautiful abstract impressionist (I guess) miniature

http://www.140hours.com/paintings/pages/tiffanyjohnson.htm – lovely self study and I love the fullness of the form

http://www.140hours.com/paintings/pages/nancyeckels.htm – very nice abstract

http://www.140hours.com/photographs/pages/christynicholas.htm – This is one of my favorites.  It’s a photograph with a very interesting technique.  I love monoliths, and I dream to visit this sight in the Orkney Islands one day–same place where Skara Brae is!!

I love a lot of them.  Check it out!!

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