I am reading…


In the Cellar by German intellectual/writer/philosopher/linguist Jan Philipp Reemtsma.  It is about his own kidnapping in 1996.  I understand he’s a bit of a controversial figure.  The link I provided is from a magazine to which he is a contributor.  Wikipedia was in German, and its portrayal (after Google translation) was slightly confusing because of the crude translation and not complementary at all.  I definitely want to know more about this gentleman.  After I read his book I will do more research on him and his writings.  

I’m finding his book very interesting.  It was translated beautifully by Carol Brown Janeway.  I like the writing; it is obviously intelligent.  He recounts his thoughts, his misperceptions, and his attempt to resist identifying with his kidnappers while in captivity.  I am about half way through it.  Because of his strong literary background, he refers to many literary luminaries of all nationalities, which also interests me.

So, back to the book, then off to bed!


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