Veteran’s Day, big storm


I must say, I’m moved by this Daily News reporter’s essay about his experience at Arlington Cemetery on Veteran’s Day.   A Twitter friend posted it and I don’t remember who, I wish I did so I could thank them.  This was quite eloquent.  You can find it here.

Ida (or her remnants) has decided to wreak havoc on the eastern mid-atlantic.  My son goes to Virginia Wesleyan, which is less than a mile from the Chesapeake Bay, and they canceled classes today.  They also canceled classes at Old Dominion U.  They were showing a weatherman on the Virginia Beach waterfront and it looked like a hurricane or bad tropical storm.  Lots of wind, rain and erosion.

Here in Richmond it is rainy and cold.  I do love storms, though, as long as I know everyone is safe.  The winds are probably 15-20 mph here, sustained, and the temp. is 45 degrees F.  I wore my winter coat and hat to work today.  The last 2 times I visited New York City it was during a nor’easter storm.  As long as my shoes are waterproof, my head dry, and I’m not cold, I’m happy.


2 Responses to “Veteran’s Day, big storm”

  1. Uncle Enore Says:

    I’d rather dig my eye out with a soup spoon than be cold. God, I can’t TELL you how much I hate cold.

  2. Julie Says:

    I hate cold too, but I’m at a stage in my life when cold is more tolerable to me than ever. I spend a lot of time feeling too warm–my own personal summer, if you know what I mean. Also, if I am dressed properly, I don’t mind cold.

    Here’s what I hate. It’s 95 degrees outside and you come inside and the ac is blasting. You’re freezing your bejeezums off and, of course, it’s summer, and you have on sandals, and it’s MISERABLE.

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