My books came yesterday..


And this evening I started reading Class Trip by Emmanuel Carrere.  It is a quick read; I’m about 2/3 of the way through it, and I’ll probably finish it.  He is a French writer.  I just read his wiki profile and several of his books have been adapted to film.  I’m looking forward to checking them out.  Class Trip is written from the standpoint of a young man, Nicholas, who is about 12.   I’m impressed with Carrere’s finesse in capturing the boy’s adolescent self absorption and visceral angst.  I’m sure I will finish this book before I go to sleep tonight.  I’m delighted these books were translated to English! 

I talked about Carrere earlier when I read his book, The Adversary, which was nonfiction.  He’s also written a biography of the science fiction writer, Philip Dick.  I don’t have that one, but I do have an earlier work, The Mustache, which came with this order from my favorite booksellers–Better World Books.  I told you all about Better World Books here.

So, I’ve had a little cereal, and I’m back to Class Trip.  Ta Ta!


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