So, I finished Class Trip by Emmanuel Carrere.  I now have The Mustache to read by him.  However, Class Trip was pretty macabre.  Not that I don’t like macabre, but I decided to read a true cime book titled The Molineux Affair by Jane Pejsa.  It was an Edgar Allen Poe Fact Crime award finalist.  It’s about a New York Society murder, actually 2 murders, possibly committed by the same man, that takes place around the turn of the century.  It is well written, and intriguing so far.   And I love my Society murders!!  Oh, Molineux the narrator’s love gives her a Mizpah ring, which I found interesting.  Apparently it was a common Victorian custom.  I had to find a picture of one and here it is:

mizpah ring

I’ve been quite the slug for the past day-basically reading.  I’m aching all over.  Not in a flu way, but in an “everything’s out of sort” way.  Finally went out yesterday afternoon to pick up Barrett, get the h1n1 vaccine and have an early dinner with him and Tim.  Andy didn’t come home from school because of the weather.  I desperately need to dust & vacuum and keep the laundry going.  Maybe I’ll get some motivation soon.  I have the place to myself; Tim and Barrett went to see 2012.  That ought to be a classic!  I think their expectations are low, but they are excited to see special effects.

Hmmm… I want to post a picture of something….  how about my family??  Here we are right after Andy’s high school graduation in June.  It was a tan time for me, ha ha!  And my hair was too long!  Whatever, it was a joyous day for our family and we were so proud of our graduate.



One Response to “Reading…”

  1. stephanie joyce Says:

    wonderful family photo!

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