Visual Arts Center of Richmond


I think I told you I joined Vis Arts when I started my writing class.  It was called The Hand Workshop in the past.  Last night they had a nice reception for new members.  The President of Vis Arts, Jo Kennedy, is a fine person.  She taught art at VCU and Richmond, and she is a poet.  Our hosts, Alex and Kathryn, were very gracious.  I thought the home was interesting, probably because of my interest in 18th and 19th century decorative arts.  It was apparently built in the 18th or early 19th century, and the furniture was period, with period style fabrics and wall coverings.  At that time this would have been a rural area, perhaps part of the old Rio Vista, but that was more Three Chopt/Grove area.

I want to know more about it, because while the front hall and parlor to the right seemed very typical in terms of the period, the room to the left, which is used as the dining room, was very interesting.  Compared to other parts of the house I saw, this room’s architecture was very primitive.  There was an unpainted, primitive chair rail with unpainted paneling beneath.  The unpainted mantel was very large, and nicely carved out of yellow pine, I think.  It was definitely a pine.  The mantel, chair rail and paneling had very old finishes.  There was a nice patina on the mantel and, especially, the wood paneling.   When I looked at the wall panels closely, which didn’t have molding, I noticed their construction from one piece of wood.  I concluded the wood used to make these interior architectural pieces was old growth and probably original to the property. 

I love old houses and old furniture.  I could have spent all day just examining the interior and exterior architecture on that house.  It was dark when I arrived, but it appeared  Georgian in style.  It was old Virginia brick, such a nice color.   Now I’m going to do a little research on Wilton House, because this house reminded me of Wilton House in the Rio Vista area, and a mile or 2 west of this home.  I think what I’d like to study more is art history with an emphasis on architecture.  I love history in terms of geography.  What used to be on this spot where I’m standing?

Met a lot of nice folks, and I’ll probably see some of them at the preview for VMFA members on the 20th.  I urge you to join the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts now and attend this preview.  It is probably the most extensive preview of the galleries before the grand re-opening next May.  Also next weekend the Visual Arts Craft and Design Show is a must go-to event.  It is the best craft show you will see in the Richmond area.  It is more than crafts.  There are true artisans at this show.  Become a patron at Vis Arts and you can attend a preview of the Craft + Design show on Thursday night.  It’s not that expensive, and you receive 2 free tickets to the show preview.

Ok, it’s taken me forever to get through this post.  I am not focused very well today.  I want to go over to Ellen’s blog for my (minimum) daily dose of entertainment and fun convo.   Her blog is  Fired n’ Fabulous!


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