Okay, taking a break…


from my compulsive reading.  I am still reading the Mulvaneys.  It’s sad, depressing.  I like this book but I think I’ve been over indulging.   Reading is a solitary affair, and as a bit of an extrovert, I need to communicate with and be around other people.  There are a couple of nice arts events this week, Wed. & Friday, and hopefully will catch up with a few friends this weekend.  Need human contact!!  It’s not that I haven’t had any, I have just spent all my time at home either reading, or writing.  The writing is really good for me, so I’ll lighten up on the reading.  Not that I won’t read at all, of course, since I do enjoy it.  Oh, Geez, ya-di-ya-di-ya.

By the way, I must say Ellen over at Fired n’ Fabulous (she’s also on my blogroll) has a great blog.  It’s light and airy, but still gives me food for thought.  She’s very zany!  Each of her blog ends with a question, which invites comments.  I love commenting on her blog, because she reads them and comments back.

I hope my writing assignment for my Creative Spark class isn’t too long.  I typed it, which makes it so much easier to say more, and it’s 4 typed pages.  I feel like I talked about 2 different things, I hope the disconnect isn’t as obvious as it seems to me.


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