Wow, I’ve already written 2 poems today.  I had just showered so I wrote them on the back of Tim’s ‘Accounting Today’ magazine.  I’ll put them up here, I guess.  It’s a little scary.

We went to the Kalospectra event at the A-Loft last night.  Tim even got Barrett to come.  We didn’t stay long.  There were some kids outside doing BMX Bike tricks with a ramp, which was kind of fun to watch.  The DJ was good, but it was too pretty loud.  Tim had never seen the lounge there before and I wanted to show it to him.  The art was interesting.  A lot of testosterone-fueled angst in the art, and some disturbing female imagery in some of it.  But, it’s art, and we all have a dark side that has to be expressed in some manner.  There was some decent photography.  The painting I liked the most was downstairs.   It was of 2 African (I think) women, and it had a sort of Picasso/Dali energy to it.

Very excited about lunch w/ whiz-bang Donna Highfill tomorrow (yes that’s her in the photo on the front page),  then the preview at VMFA.  Sat. I’m having lunch at Kitchen 64 with my friend, Susan, then we are going to this art sale.  In the evening hopefully my friend, Mandy and her precious kids Jackson & Merdith & I are doing the suburban Short Pump Cinema movie and chain restaurant dinner!  They live in the city, so they have to get out to the ‘burbs sometimes! 

Sunday Tim and I are going to the Craft+Design Show at the Science Museum.  I just linked to the Science Museum and they are running what looks a like a very cool film on caves in their IMAX theatre.  Maybe we’ll check that out, too!  And regarding the Craft+Design show, it is a must see.  It’s around this time every year, and it is the nicest show of this type in the Richmond area.  It’s amazing what these artisans create.

Okay, weird to have something going on all weekend, but it will be good for me.  Like I said, I’ve been reading way too much.  I did start The Mustache last night, but I won’t read it obsessively.  I promise myself, it will take… at least 5 days, if not more.  The link is actually to the film that the author made of the book, which I will have to see!


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