Since Thursday…


Friday, we went to the prevew at the VMFA.  It was wonderful.  We started in the tapestry gallery which is part of the 1936 building.  Also northern & southern baroque period paintings, other paintings.. a number of Flemish and Dutch, which I love.  However, I wish a little that we’d begun at the new contemporary and modern art gallieries, because this art interests me so much.  I do believe we spotted my favorite art patron, Mrs. Frances Lewis,  without whom this wonderful museum would not be the comprehensive institution it is.   When it re-opens in May, it will be one of the top 10 comprehensive museums.  Have I mentioned that before?  We had a nice dinner after, at Tripps, where Tim and I went on our first date almost 13 years ago.

Saturday I went with my friend Susan to the North Richmond Artists’ Sale.  It was at 4 or 5 residences all together on Westwood & Suffolk avenues.  I was quite impressed with the artists’ work, and bought several birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as a couple of original paintings by a gentleman named Bill Kinsey, who studied art at VCU when it was VPI, worked for several local businesses throughout at career in the graphic arts, and is now producing some unbelievable work.  I was very, very impressed with his work.  He has a studio and a show at the Uptown Gallery, and I recommend that you check out his wonderful work!   Oh, and he isn’t nearly as uptight as he looks in that photo!  He was a warm, friendly man, and we realized we knew someone in common.  Tim tells me I never go anywhere that I don’t see someone I know, and he is right, at least in this area of Virginia, and probably a good part of eastern North Carolina!  Why I just found a photo of the watercolor I purchased from him.  I think this is it.  It looks very much like it, but the one I purchased had a couple of humans in the background, very small.  Perhaps he added them later.  Here it is:

I also purchased an oil of a lady he painted.  She is the lady who owned Bygones Vintage with her daughter.  I remember her.  I loved the painting.  AND he said we could visit him in his studio.  He does collage work, mixed media, and encaustic.  So I’m very excited to have met him and honored to have some of his work now. 

I also saw Eliza Askin and got a print of Phil’s right by the Westhamton Theatre for Mandy who shares my birthday.  Mandy and her kids, Jackson and Meredith, celebrated our birthday later Sat. evening with a viewing of “Night at the Museum 2”  at the Byrd (surprisingly funny and enjoyable) and then dinner at Joe’s Inn.  Funny, I’d been craving Spaghetti a la Joe the night before!  It was a great evening, but I could tell I was getting sick, and I work up Sunday with a terrible cold and asthma. 

I’m annoyed with myself.  Perhaps I could have avoided this if I’d taken a little better care of myself.  Had to miss the craft+design show which was probably best since I spent my limit at the North Side Artists’ Tour.  I slept most of the day yesterday, and late today. 

I received so many messages and greetings today for my birthday.  I had to cancel birthday dinner with TT & Diane, but we are hopefully going to do it next week.   Tim has taken such good care of me, and he has been taking care of Elsie too.  Barrettt and I played Scrabble tonight, and Andy texted me today.  It’s been a great day.  I feel very loved.


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