Dreams & Other Blather


I’m not a morning person.  Perhaps it is because my dreams are usually so unpleasant!  And I do have poems that come out dreams, so some of those can be a downer.   I was on the biggest high last week because I had the opportunity to be with my sister & her family, who live in IN.  I wish it was more time.  I’m going to try to visit so I’ll have more alone time with her.

Plus I’ve been sick, sick, sick.  What started out as cold + asthma became a bad case of bronchitis + asthma.  Had a breathing treatment @ the doc’s and she prescribed some prednizone & antibiotics.  I expect to be doing better tomorrow, because the presnizone will help with the asthma.  And by Thursday I’ll be feeling pretty good.  Fortunately no one else in the house got sick.

Andy just called from college to tell us about a moon halo.  It was very cool.  I was worried at first because he usually doesn’t call, he texts, plus it was 11:37 when he called.  First thing: “Are you alright?”  And he was, and he was excited.  I love to see him excited.

Tobey McGuire is on Conan.  I really like him as an actor.  Cider House Rules was a great adaption from novel to film.

I’m still reading Season In Purgatory.  It’s a fictional account of a true event-the Martha Moxley murder.  I also received a book that one of my friends recommended by Ann Rule.  I like her books.  The Stranger Beside Me is incredible.  It’s because she knew the serial killer Ted Bundy, worked with him at some sort of emergency hotline while he was doing all this killing.  Never suspected a thing.  After it came out that his name was Ted people even teased him about being the serial killer and he just laughed it off.  Amazing!  And her book about the Green River killer, Green Killer Running Red was very comprehensive.  She’d been writing it for years, even before he was caught.

I missed my writing class tonight, but I sent my assignment in.  I hope I get some from the other students.  They are very fascinating folks, really good writers with rich, full stories to tell.

I’m sitting here with Elsie beside me.  I’m going to find a picture to put in here because I like to read blogs with pictures in them.

I’ll put in a few pretty greeting cards I’ve made.  I love making them and I haven’t been doing it as much as I used to because my supplies are scattered in different places & I don’t have a studio anymore.  Anywho, here a few.


4 Responses to “Dreams & Other Blather”

  1. gbaugh Says:

    Julie, I like the red one the best; ‘thank you’ card,the last picture.. I hope you’re feeling better. I saw that moon, also. Very pretty.
    Gerardine Baugh

    • Julie Says:

      Thanks, it’s my favorite too! I called the doctor today because I’m not better, but they said meds should have kicked in better by tomorrow. I’m hoping….

      Thanks again for visiting!

  2. Jaymie Says:

    I love the cards…especially the last one! I’m trying to get over a cold too and fear it might have taken a bronchitis trail….we’ll see.

    • Julie Says:

      Thanks, in the mood to make some more but I keep twittering–what a waste of time sometimes! Plus I need to wrap, put on bows & make gift tags-all things I enjoy, but feeling crappy still. I hope you get better soon. I think a lot of folks are getting this stuff. The asthma thing is weird. Just started getting it 2-3 years ago, never before. Always had allergies, but not badly enough for shots, etc.

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