GEMS Girls


It’s called “Very Young Girls“, and watching it made me very passionate about the real phenomenon in our country (and elsewhere) of child prostitution. So many times a young girl comes from a difficult home situation, and she’ll be stopped on the street, perhaps by a young man she knows, and he’ll offer a ride, or a meal, or anything to get her in the car. He treats her like a princess and seduces her. She falls in love (what 13 year old would’t?) 

Then, he starts prodding her to earn her keep out on the street. Prodding probably isn’t the best word. He rapes her, abuses her verbally and physically until she complies.

****The average age a prostitute starts this is 13!!**** They never have a chance to learn how to be independent and self sufficient. Their self esteems are blown.

A former “girl”, Rachel Lloyd,  started an organization called GEMS Girls.  They provide a free place for these girls to live, for however long it is necessary, job skills training, therapy. They help these girls empower themselves.   This whiz-bang woman has received the UN Ashoka Fellowship.

You can watch the film on-line on Netflix. You can become involved by joining the Council of Daughters. Now Martha B, a staff member who was a GEMS girl, Sinead O’Connor & Mary J. Blige have collaborated on a song, “This Is To Mother You.” It is beautiful, and can be purchased on itunes.  You can hear a clip of it on the GEMS Girls website.  Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt also covered this song on their album “Western Wall – The Tuscon Sessions”, which I happen to have, and it also beautiful.

If you do nothing more than purchase this song you will have helped GEMS Girls. They succeed with what they are doing.  Sometimes the bond between a “girl” and her pimp is too strong. It’s like domestic violence, when women have a hard time leaving. Before the violence there was love, at least in the girls’ and women’s eyes, and they love this person, despite the chaos in their lives. And it’s all they know.  But a great number of these girls are able to escape a hellish life, and become the nurtured  person every girl (or boy) should become.

Thanks for reading this, and please Click on the links and watch the trailer for the movie, listen to a clip of the song and learn more about Rachel and GEMS Girls.


One Response to “GEMS Girls”

  1. Cindy Guerra Says:

    Thanks for what you said here, I really liked it. We are so fortunate to live in a time when there are so many great sisters singing their music.

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