Lil' Sweet

I miss Sweety.  He ran away a year ago.  He was a sweet little fella.  Not sure when I’ll have a cat again.  Not having one that won’t stay inside, but you never know if they are going to be ones that would never be content inside.  He loved outside, and being nocturnal, liked to spend the night outside with other dangerous nocturnal animals.  He was quite the hunter, and always brought his trophies home.  I told him not to put them at the door.  He understood, so his alternative was to put them under the deck, right below.  And Ryder would always want to go under the deck and check out the trophies!

Anywho, hope we have another kitty one day.  Living in the apartment would make it much easier to keep a kitty inside. 

Love you and miss you, Sweety!


9 Responses to “Sweety”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I’ve alwways been more of a dog lover, but Sweety is precious! So pretty. I wish I could get a pet, but it just wouldn’t work in my tiny NYC apartment. One day.

  2. Julie Says:

    Yes, I’ve always thought Manhattan would be a difficult place to have a pet. Have you seen Elsie? She’s my dog, and I’ve posted about her and I think I’ve posted about Ryder, too. He passed away in 2007, and I got Elsie in 2008. She’s a doll! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. gbaugh Says:

    I have had cats for years; they really want to get out when the sun goes down. I had an easier time with two cats, than just one, they keep each other busy. And female cats stay inside better than males, don’t hold me to that. My cats now are all house cats. 2males 1 female

    Gerardine Baugh
    My poetry Path (in progress)

    My Walking Path

  4. Julie Says:

    Aw, thanks for checking and seeing. You are probably right about companions. Sweety was the first kitty I ever had who didn’t like my dog, so maybe that’s another reason he always wanted out. I’ll check out your blogs!

  5. Amanda Says:

    I love your blog J-bird! 🙂

  6. Uncle Enore Says:

    See? THIS is typical cat behavior. You can’t trust them, they’re sneaky, skulking beasts, and dumb as shit.

    • Julie Says:

      Ha Ha, Uncle!

      You must understand cats are from the 4th Dimension. They found a tear in the time-space continuum, and the only reason they are here is for food and worship. (via Tim).

      I love both dogs and cats. One day I will find & post a picture of our old black and white kitty, Booger. He was not from the 4th Dimension. He was the least feline cat I’ve ever known. I loved him so much, and still am not over losing him early, 9 years later.

      Ryder was my baby-beagle/dachshund mix. I think I’ve written about him. He was my 1st dog as an adult and he lived 14 years. Knew I couldn’t live without a canine companion after he passed, and got Miss Elsie May Brown, puppy mill Mama, cocker spaniel w/ maybe a little golden. There’s definitely a pic of her on there. I wrote a poem about her. Here’s the link: https://whizbangwoman.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/elsie/

      Got another breathing treatment today. Hopefully will be feeling better. Might have to change antibiotic, but hopefully I’ll be doing much better in the am.

      And Sweety, wherever he is, might forgive you for blaspheming him. : )

  7. Uncle Enore Says:

    Oh, sure. He’d SAY he forgave me, and then bide his time till he could pee in the middle of my bed.

    I have two chihuahua-doxie mixes. Both of those are lunatics. And two more chihuahuas, and they’re both lunatics.

    Hmm…I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

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