Why Am I Up?


1. I’m a night owl.  But I was doing great tonight, in bed before midnight.  I finished A Season In Purgatory.  I love Dominick Dunne.  His writing really developed over the years.  I called this tome fluff in an earlier post but it is not fluff.  It’s a well written page-turner!

2. My dear hubby is snoring loudly tonight.  He doesn’t usually snore that much.  I know I do, so I’m certainly not complaining, but I’m really tired, so I came into the family room and set myself up on the couch and….

3.  I really wanted to talk about the book I started after I finished the novel.  My friend, Kim K.S., recommended this book.  It’s called The Creative Habit  Learn It And Use It For Life by dancer/choreographer Twyla Tharp.  I’m already hooked!  I’m sure she’s on to something here.  Suddenly social media and marketing types are talking about creativity and business, and she was talking about it 3 years ago.  And she lives it. 

4.  The meds to heal my bronchitis/asthma are upsetting my tummy and it’s hurting.  Bummer.

So these are the reasons I am up.  I’m going to go to sleep, but I’ll probably goof around a little bit with Bookworm before I do.  And it’s 2am!!  Oh, well, I’m blessed to not have to get up early most mornings.  I’m am very grateful for that.  My spirits have lifted so much.  My heart was heavy for 36 hours about a silly communication fiasco on Facebook.  My feelings were so hurt, plus I felt guilty for my part in it, and I was torturing myself with it.  Gerardine Baugh helped with that by commenting on my writing, just a little while ago.  Click on her name to visit her site.  She writes beautifully.   I’ve asked Spirit to take the burden for 36 hours, and I think it is slowly lifting.

I am very grateful.


5 Responses to “Why Am I Up?”

  1. Jingle Says:

    Hello, i stop by to say hi and wishing you a great weekend ahead.

    Please don’t blame yourself for the things that bother you, wait for some time so that things calm down and resolutions are found.

    God Bless you and take good care.

  2. Kim Says:

    Glad you are enjoying the book. I thought you might. And it might just be the right time for you to be reading it:) Sorry to hear about FB. Don’t let it bring you down. True intentions always come through and these things work themselves out for the best, whatever that is…Hope you had fun at the concert:)

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