I was given a writing assignment.

I knew I had to write about her.

She passed in August.

I hadn’t grieved her enough. 

I decided to make the characters

her and her husband.

I can’t stop crying.

My heart is so sad.

She was 88, but she seemed

younger.  She also seemed ready.

Her pain was great.

She was tired, sore, unsteady.

I wanted her to go.

I knew she was in pain.

Sometimes we had spats or

I felt obligated to call her

when I didn’t feel like it.

But she didn’t have children.

She’d lost her independence,

but she had adapted.

We saw her in July.

She was sorry she didn’t see

more of us that visit.

I wish I’d known it would

be the last time.

I used to cry when I left her.

But my life was so busy,

I was hasty.

I have no regrets or guilt.

I just miss her.

We got this one shot of her last visit-She hated cats but won this one at Bingo!


5 Responses to “Virginia”

  1. gbaugh Says:

    What a sweet way to remember her. Very sweet nice poem!

    We all know someone living alone, waiting for visits from friends, and no family to speak of.

    Those last two lines say it all. “I have no regrets or guilt. I just miss her.”
    Very emotional poem.

    Gerardine Baugh

  2. Julie Says:

    She was so sweet, but she could be a spit-fire! She took me for granted a lot, but it was okay, because that just demonstrated how close we were. She had the deepest, most unique southern accent. I’m sad I’ll never hear her voice again. I loved to listen to her talk. Have you heard of ‘the longest running outdoor play’, “The Lost Colony” in Manteo, NC? She was a young girl when they started and she was an extra in the play for the 1st 2 summers. She was my Dad’s 1st cousin, although she was about 15 years older. She’s been on my mind so much. Can’t believe how much I’m missing her. Thank u for ur kind words. It wasn’t the best poem, but the poem was my best outlet for my feelings. Thanks again, Gerardine. Oh, my hubby just started a blog & u kindly commnted on it. He was reading urs and is a huge fan. I told him you were his BBFF-Best Blogger Friend Forever. : )

  3. Kim Says:

    Beautiful Julie. Very authentic…

  4. Jaymie Says:

    I love the last two lines – it is like placing a picture lovingly in a memory box.

  5. Julie Says:

    Thank you, Kim & Jaymie. I have many pictures, documents she gave me, I’m kind of the keeper of memories for that side of the family. I’ll have plenty more poetry material for my precious cousin!

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