Different Paths (blog post)


Souls we thought gone

are not.

They are souls

on their own paths.

Not ours.

They may still be here.

They may not.

How when where they travel

is not for us to say.

It is their path,

not ours.

We walk our paths

with intent, gratitude, honesty, integrity.

With levity, good health, humility.

Without judgement.

Others see by our example.

We show them

like Jesus showed us.

Telling is for children.

Learning is for everyone.


One Response to “Different Paths (blog post)”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Many truths here. I remember being told after our son died that now we have an angel to watch over us. It made me sad to think that he would be looking backwards instead of rejoicing in bliss and confidence that things would unfold as intended. I still have so much to learn.

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