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As I said before I started Erik Larson’s Thunderstruck about Marconi, the wireless teletype, a murder, and other stuff.  It’s not easy to read.  I can’t understand when I love a writer’s work, like I loved Isaac’s Storm, and then have a hard time with another work.  Perhaps it’s just because storms (hurricanes) interest me, especially Gulf & Atlantic storms.  This is probably because of my heritage of North Carolina coastal ancestry.  Just can’t get into it and I received a new book, The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant.  It’s about a scandal (imagine that!) in Nebraska involving a plundered Savings & Loan (ring any 1980’s bells) and a child prostitution ring that reached high into government.  One of those conspiracy books.  Quite interesting, and I’ll be interested to see how it turns out because I barely remember the events, and apparently the investigation was sort of squashed by some or all part(s) of government.   We shall see.

I took a long break in the middle of that paragraph to clip the hair of both of my ginger-haired sons.  And take out the trash and get the mail.  Lots of Christmas cards today because no mail this past Sat.  We ended up with about 14″ of snow, which is a whole lot for us.  It’s been a bit of a hamper to Elsie when we go for walks.  Yesterday a young hound mix escaped from her owner’s grasp and attacked Elsie.  I might have mentioned that yesterday.  She’s fine.  Just a little scratch on the ear.  When she charged the 2nd time I pushed her back w/ my foot/leg.  I’m feeling de ja vous.  I must have written all about this already.    Maybe I wrote about it in my journal.

On to the next subject–yay!  My creative mojo peeked out and squeaked out a few poems.  They didn’t feel really well written but they were words, in my head, so I wrote them down.  I may write about a wife and mother who passed away in July, 1996.  It was Tim’s first wife.  Today would have been their 24th wedding anniversary, and Tim’s grandparents’ 74th wedding anniversary.  It’s kind of sad.  He’s been a little melancholy, doing better now.  I have to try not to get melancholy too.

Ta Ta for now!  Back to my conspiracy book.

One Response to “I’m reading… (blog)”

  1. gbaugh Says:

    It is scary when and animal attacks your dog. Where was the owner?
    December is a sad month for a lot of people. I hope Tim can feel better thinking about the good times he had with the people he lost. And he has you to cheer him up:-)

    Merry Christmas

    Gerardine Baugh

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