Yesterday I went to an art show on Hull St. at this place, an old warehouse renovated as a residence, called Manchester Pie Factory.  It’s at 612 Hull St. and the show is going on tonight from 4-8pm.  There was some work there by Ed Trask, and also Chris Milk.  I must say, I LOVED Chris’s work.  I got 3 pieces, 2 for gifts.  My budget could only afford smalls, but if and when that changes…. I love Chris’s work.  He and his girl, Kathleen, are very pure souls.  The paintings were so alive, some were sculptural.  The colors were mostly warm and there is this sense of happiness in these paintings.   At least to me.   The materials are mostly recovered wood and housepaint. 

So, I got one for Barrett and when I described it to Andy he said I should wait and give it to him in 10 years (fewer I think) when he’ll appreciate it more.  He has a point, though.  The painting spoke to me, so maybe for now, I will continue to let it speak to me, and give it to Barrett later.  Sometimes kids are so damn wise!!

We’re going back tonight to pick up the paintings.  I’m so excited for Tim to see these works.  If you are in the area I think you will be glad you went if you visit this evening.

6 Responses to “Art”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    How fun! In Denver they have First Friday each month. It is free to the public and gives us a chance to see the latest work of local artists and sometimes even their work space. What a joy! Glad you were able to bring some home.

  2. Julie Says:

    We have 1st Fridays too! I’ve just gone to one of them. I’ve been reaching out more creatively the last 3 or 4 mos. I think it’s because the kids are older, and I just wanted to be around art more. I live in the burbs and I lived in the city the 1st 14 years I lived in Richmond, and I miss it!

    Also, haven’t replied to your email b/c I wanted to read your Sept. posts. Thank you for sharing. Oh, btw, the artist, Chris Milk, has a blog, and has some beautiful poetry on it. You might want to check it out. The link on my post takes you to his site.

    Jaymie, thanks for checking in. So you live in Denver.. Did you know we had a rare December storm here last weekend–14″ in Richmond? 21″ in Northern Va, and more in the mountains? Very unusual for this time of year. Duh, you probably read it on my blog!

    Talk to you later, Friend!

  3. Jingle Says:

    Good afternoon, Julie:

    How are you?

    Glad to hear that you got some cool paintings in your area, it is a blessing to find precious art or gifts for the ones you love.
    Thank you for sharing your joyful shopping experiences with us, hope that you have a holiday season filled with adventures, surprises, and fulfillment.



  4. gbaugh Says:

    It is a thrill when you can find that perfect something that stands out. I can see what you felt, I went to Trask’s site, and the paintings feel alive. The colors and lines, beautiful!

    Gerardine Baugh

    • Julie Says:

      Thanks, Gerardine! I actually got pieces by Chris Milk, but Ed’s work is beautiful. He does a lot of large murals on building around Richmond. Chris’s just had such an alive, happy feel to them. I’m thrilled. I’ll post some pics. Thanks for coming by!

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