Quick post about the weather


Christmas Eve, lots to do & lots to enjoy.  I feel sooo thankful.  This morning I had an epic dream which I wrote down in detail when I woke up, then I wrote a poem for my precious hubby & shared it with him.  We’ve been brainstorming about his career, our lives, ideas, creativity.  Andy just arrived home from Great Wolf Lodge-went w/ Christine’s family for the evening.  My sons & hubby are here and I love them all so much.

Later I’m going to my Mom’s.  My nieces & nephew will be here.  I’m actually going there pretty soon.  The boys and Tim will come a little later.

The weather:  is actually so beautiful today.  After Elsie & I walked I sad down on a ledge and just beamed at the Sun beaming at me.  Not a cloud in the clear blue sky.  It was a real pick me up.  I felt like I was drinking the sun.   It’s cold, probably in the 30’s, but of course I was bundled up and the sunshine was glorious.

Happy Christmas Eve, Everyone!  I’m thankful for my positive, grateful spirits.  I know a lot of folks suffer emotionally this time of year, and I’ve had a little of that, but today is nice and bright, and for that I am very thankful.


3 Responses to “Quick post about the weather”

  1. Jingle Says:

    beautiful weather,
    beautiful mood,
    huge family hood,
    everything is understood.

    how lucky you are!
    wishing you a day filled with joy, laughter, and sweet memories.
    you are cool.

  2. Jaymie Says:

    Bringing on the smile in me – Thank you!

    • Julie Says:

      Absolutely! You should have seen me on the way home, having a breakdown, worried about my folks. Craziness this time of year! My son was so comforting. How blessed I am.

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