I didn’t ask for these blues…


or did I?

Must have.

We create our reality.

Although must say words, words, words

are lifting my blues away.

The Muse has returned!

Thank you, Erato!

This slight paralysis,

has me aflutter.

No panic.

Let it be.

It’s life’s

ups and downs

and all arounds.

Especially this time of year.

Had a dream

I can’t shake.

I was resisting, pushing, trying to erase?

the feeling, the claustrophobia,

the panic.

It was about security, finances.

I create my reality.

With intent and thoughts.

I am a victim of nothing.

I am master of my universe.

God always says yes.

I am secure, safe.

As is my family.

I’m not running scared, I swear!


2 Responses to “I didn’t ask for these blues…”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Wishing you strength and passion as you charge into the new year. I see your muse has returned. 😉

  2. Julie Says:

    And I’m so thankful. Searching for her this morning. Hopefully she’ll peek out!

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