I’m searching for my muse…


And her name is Erato, Greek muse of beautiful & lyrical poetry.  Let’s see if she will, as my friend Sarah Rose so eloquently says, turn up her palm, and rise to the surface of my heart.


I told you I miss her.

This wisp of a fire-brand,

But so quiet and secretive at times.

Very loving and faithful, too.

She loved Silas, Deb, God, her Mother,

Christine St. Patrick White Allen Swindell,

her Father,

Rufus Fenner Allen,

she was young when he passed, just 8.

And she always missed him so.

She missed her beloved brother and sister.

She missed Alice, her tittering partner in crime.

They were a joy watching together,

like little girls.  So close, so few words

needed to communicate with each other.

They made me laugh. 

I hated it when she didn’t have Alice with her


Now they are together again,

tittering away. 

No pain, only Love.

Rest in Peace and Love,


I miss you.

I’ll talk to you again,


One Response to “I’m searching for my muse…”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Wonderful capture – there was no sense of stranger even though the names were unfamiliar.

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