I’m watching


“The Visitor”.  It is very depressing.  It’s a Sunday afternoon blues film and it isn’t even Sunday afternoon!  It is a story, though, of people connecting, of one person affecting another in a positive way, then another person, and so on.  The world really can work like this.  It’s actually starting to lift my spirits.  Well, I wasn’t down, but the film seemed a downer but it is a great movie about people connecting and One Love.  All of the actors are lovely, but Richard Jenkins is exceptional.  The others are unknown to me, but they are also excellent.  I wish everyone could see this film.  It’s about people who are strangers to each other connecting on a visceral level, lifting each other up, edifying each other. 

I’m enjoying “The Visitor”!  It is sweet, sweet!  I hope it isn’t heartbreaking at the end.  I’m pretty invested now!  It is heartbreaking, but it is also passionate.  Heartbreak doesn’t stamp out passion.  Passion prevails. 

Okay, those are my thoughts on this film.  Please see it.  I loved it.  I feel like a better person, having watched it.


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