Almost 2010


I try not to judge years.  2009 involved a lot of change for me and my family, and it was wonderful in many ways.  Andy graduated high school and went to college.  My relationship with him grew.  We sold our house and made a decent profit.  It only took 10 days to sell.  We recovered from all of our illnesses.  Our dog, Elsie, became less shy.  I met some new people with whom I share things in common.  I took a writing class.  Lots of good things happened this year.

For some reason I have something really bugging me.  I don’t know why this is bugging me, but it is.  I am very annoyed by all of the top 10 or top 5 or top whatever lists about whatever for the year and the decade.  I don’t fucking care!  I don’t know why, usually I find that type of thing kind of interesting.  Weirdness!

I finished reading The Franklin Scandal.  Very interesting book.  I’m now reading Jane Hamilton’s smart book… forgot the name of it and it’s in my bag.  I blogged about it a few days ago if you really want to know the name of it.  I’d forgotten how “fashionable sounding”, for wont of a better phrase, her prose is.  It’s cool as a cucumber, smooth as silk, flows like water.  Very enjoyable to read.  I’m feeling slightly giddy!

I’ve written a lot today.  I wrote some when I woke up, I wrote while I was in the waiting room with my Mom at the doc’s, and now I’m writing here.  I wish I had a poem in my heart.  I realize a lot of my poems are about loss, but they feel very healing.  I thought a lot about my ancestors today, because I was talking to my folks about them.  Since I’ve studied them, I’m able to tell them about them, which is fun.  I like it when they tell me things about when they were young.  Dad does this more than Mom.  I need to ask Mom more questions.  Oh, geez, now I’m feeling a little blah again.  I had a nice day.  Just a bit worried about my parents’ health.  Getting to be the age when more health problems occur.

Elsie (my beloved doggie) is getting herself very excited and happy.  She chewed up a paper towel, which I allowed, because she never does things playfully, she is entirely too serious, and she was acting playful when she did it.  She just barked, and let me tell you, my girl hardly ever verbalizes.  She has to be pretty excited.  I better go play with my little darling.  See you later!  Here’s a pic so you can see why she’s so irresistable!

Here she is running down the hall toward me.


2 Responses to “Almost 2010”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Love Elsie! Doesn’t she look like she’s on a mission?

    You have had a wonderful year – that business about your house selling in ten days ought to be on one of those “top ten” lists that are irritating you. Something like “top ten housing miracles of 2009”!

    I really am glad for all your good fortune, and hope the coming year is even better. I especially hope your folks stay well – my own mother is 91, which is a little like wire-walking without a net. Each day is what it is.

    Happy New Year, and happy blogging!

  2. RVAAB Says:

    Sorry for all the Top Ten lists over here- don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.

    On to 2010! (Rare full moon tonight- that portends, something big, don’t you think?)

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