Poetry so lovely.


I recommend your visiting this beautiful blog.  Linda has such a way with words.  Both the poetry and prose are lovely.

So what shall I do with this last day of the year?  I feel like I need to do housework.  I’m very hungry.  Will eat breakfast soon.  I’m going to make that cup of coffee I’ve been wanting since I woke up.  Went over to the coffee shop with Elsie but they were ‘closed for repairs’.   Hmmm….

I just remembered a sad New Year’s a few years ago.  My friend with whom I’d grown up was visiting her Dad in our little rural hometown.  Her daughter’s birthday was New Year’s Day and she invited us to come over & celebrate with her.  I brought my nephew, because he was closer in age, but I’m pretty sure Andy & Barrett came too.  I was pretty close to her Dad.  I’d worked for his company for 13 years, plus grew up spending a lot of time at their old mill house.  He was in the last stages of a 6-7 year battle with melanoma.  He’d fought so hard for life.  This was after been told he had about 6-7 months.  One of the awful symptoms of this cancer was severe swelling and he had this horrible swelling in his face at his chin, like a huge appendage on his chin.  It was sad.  He loved life, and he loved people.  He was a Taurus, a passionate man.  He wasn’t perfect, as none of us are, but I cared for him deeply. 

Your love of life

was contagious.

You were patriotic,

passionate, musical,

intelligent, stubborn.

You lived life to the fullest.

Your robust sense of humor,

your ceaseless volunteer work.

You were a good man, Big Hugh.

Thank you for visiting me in my dreams.

I knew it was real because you had

those old overalls on.

You taught me a lot about business,

and how to treat clients.

Your work ethic was pristine.

You were a faithful man.

I miss you, and I’m 

thankful, that you were

part of my life.

I shall write more later.  I’m hungry and need some caffeine.  Au revoir pour l’instant!


4 Responses to “Poetry so lovely.”

  1. Jingle Says:

    Lovely poetry,
    soft words,
    happy new year!

    thank you for the support in 2009.

  2. Jaymie Says:

    Your words show how deeply you love. So inspiring.

  3. gbaugh Says:

    “Thank you for visiting me in my dreams.” great line, how I wish I could visit everyone who has passed on.

    Happy New Year!!

    Gerardine Baugh

  4. Julie Says:

    Thank you both. You don’t know how much it means to me to have your feedback. I hope you both have a wonderful 2010!

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