I can’t believe …


It’s only 24 hours since New Year’s Eve.  We went to Falls Church today.  It was nice seeing the boys’ maternal grandparents.  There’s a new baby in the family.  One of the boys’ cousins had a baby.  Actually he’s 14 mos., but was the 1st time I’d seen him.  What a doll!  He adds a lot of joyto their family, I think.   He’s a sweet little boy, too.  His name is Andrew.

I just want to shout out to 2 lovely ladies who write beautifully and offer me support in my writing.  They are on my blogroll but you can link them here:  Gerardine and Jaymie.  Thank you, Ladies, for your support.

I’m tired.  I stayed up late reading my book, and finished it this afternoon.  It was sublime.  Disobedience, by Jane Hamilton.  It was very moving.  The narrarator was a man, but a year from his life when he was 17.   I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it was because I could relate his responses and comments to my own sons’.   He was pretty angry with his mother for having an affair, and he was the only person who knew.  It demonstrated quite a bit how my sons see me when they are angry.  There was a lot of humor, also.  You could say dark humor.  I laughed out loud.  If a book makes me laugh out loud, it rates very high on my list!   I’m not sure if I would have gotten the humor as much if my kids weren’t that age yet.  I was impressed with her ability to capture the story from his point of view.  Her writing is just, a pleasure. 

Now I want something new to read.  Something entertaining like the Jane Hamilton book.  I checked the library.  The 2 books of hers I haven’t read are available at the library.  I may go over tomorrow and check one out.  Or both.  I’ve LOVED all 3 books I’ve read by her.

I started an author described ‘pamphlet’ by Gore Vidal.  He really has a point about our culture, and what it became after WWI.  It’s well written, but also a bit of a downer.  I feel like our culture is like the Roman Empire and something is going to happen.  I just hope it doesn’t involve too much change too fast, or extreme, prolonged suffering and loss.  If enough hearts opened to Loving One Another, as we are asked to do in the Bible and in every other religion, a lot of suffering would discontinue or not start.  However, if we continue the patriarchal, imperialist path we have been on for 60-70 years, that has been so celebrated and glorified, I believe we are in for a fall.  I don’t want to be negative, though.  There is One Love!!  The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear.  Peace on earth, Good will to all men & women.


3 Responses to “I can’t believe …”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    My annual book selection meeting for book club is coming up soon. What are your top two recommendations? (thank you for the mention – you are also a great support!)

    • Julie Says:

      Hey Jaymie! Obviously, anything by Jane Hamilton. Also, I really liked this memoir called No Place Safe by .. can’t remember, but it’s on my blog, plus if you google the name of the book. It was great, about a girl’s experience living in Atlanta during the child murders of the 80’s. I wanted to do a book club with that book because it brought up so many issues about gender, race, family, fear. I really wanted to discuss it with someone else who had read it. Let me know what y’all decide!

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