My Friend


Obsessive, compulsive, intense

Some say mean.

I’ve always enjoyed laughing with her.

She thinks quickly.

She’s an auburn haired beauty,

although she never thinks so.

She drinks too much,

takes too many pills.

She was so wounded as a child,

in a family that looked so…

upper crust.

Who’d have known?

They fell apart later.

I love her

and she drives me crazy.

I think she feels judged by me.

I don’t mean to judge her.

I don’t feel like I judge her.

I worry about her some.

Some of her choices distress me,

but I don’t feel a need to control

or judge them.

We all choose different paths,

neither good nor bad,

only paths.

We’ve been together before.

I’ve known her 33 years thus far,

this time.

I hope we both grow old and

stay firm.


9 Responses to “My Friend”

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  2. gbaugh Says:

    Friendships are hard, when one person has issues, it effects everyone. Very well written.
    Great lines:
    “I love her
    and she drives me crazy”

    Gerardine Baugh

    • Julie Says:

      Thanks, Gerardine. I have my share of issues too! Plus when I saw her today she seemed to be doing really, really great.

  3. Jaymie Says:

    The 33 hit me hard. I always liken it to Christ and a time to be saved. I’m pretty sure we are saved by love, she’s a lucky friend.

  4. purple Says:

    I loved the way in which you painted this portrait of your friend and your relationship. It is revealing — both about her, and about you! Well written Julie.

  5. jingle Says:

    great topic,

    I love the easy flow of your lines,

    First-Class Post of 2010.

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