A Tragedy


What seems to me so important

isn’t important at all,

when others not so far off

are suffering in a way I cannot imagine.

The chaos, devastation, carnage

they see right now

is anathema to me.

I know nothing of suffering.

I know nothing of tragedy.

I know nothing of pain.

I know nothing of loss,

When I look at my brothers and sisters

in Haiti.

Spirit, watch them,

keep them.

Make your face shine down on them.

Let them know they loved.

Many of us who live in luxury

are with them in Spirit.

Your One Love connects

us all.

Note:  This makes it so easy to help.   I have verified the validity of this charity-Yele.  Send a text to 501501 that says YELE.  You will receive a confirmation for $5 to be added to your phone bill next month.  This money will go directly to help those in need in Haiti.  These are our brothers and sisters so near and so dear.  Please do not turn your back on them.  Blessings to all.  Hold your loved ones close.


3 Responses to “A Tragedy”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Thank you for your heart.

  2. shoreacres Says:

    This is such a lovely acknowledgement of the tragedy, and our common humanity. There are so many ways to give – I prefer Oxfam, Red Cross and Doctors without Borders myself, but every bit helps. The shock must be terrific – imagine the very earth beneath your feet splitting and swallowing up your entire world. Horrid.

    Thank you so much.

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