I Wake Up


With my alarm clock in hand.

I am holding it to my heart.

The gray, fuzzy world seems

so harsh.

I’m not ready for it, yet.

I’ve ‘snoozed’ several times.

The back has fallen off the clock

at some other time.

It’s under the bed somewhere.

It’s my best alarm clock in years.

I pick it up off the table after the first

shrill, imposing alarm,

and curl up with it.

It’s so simple.  I push the plastic face

to hit snooze.

And we start our morning ritual.

It’s gentler than other ways

I’ve gotten myself up in the mornings.

It works.

I used to set the radio alarm to NPR news,

turn up the volume,  and put it across the room.

When it went off I had to get up and

walk over to it

and push the snooze button.

Usually I only had to do this once.

I started sharing my bed

and my love is a light sleeper.

His day would not begin well

with the news screaming

at him.

He doesn’t like to be yelled to

when he is watching television

or listening to the radio.


13 Responses to “I Wake Up”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    This made me smile. I hate waking to an alarm so much that if I set one my body will wake me up five minutes before it goes off just so I can turn it off before I hear it. I’m not much for the snooze button because I want all my sleep in a row whenever possible. My mom says that wasn’t the story when I was younger, lol.

    • Julie Says:

      Ha ha!! I hate waking up. There must be a lesson in that, because it just doesn’t feel right to hate it so much. The best thing is just sleeping in, which I get to do most of the time because my part time job doesn’t require me to be there until 11 am. My best wakeup call is Tim. He’s such a gentle waker. I tweaked the poem a little.

  2. jingle Says:

    vivid experience,
    beautiful lines.
    I can see, feel, touch, hear everything in your WORDS.

    A WINNER ! 🙂

  3. shoreacres Says:

    This is why I have my cat. I hate alarm clocks, but the cat is dependable. She’ll let me snooze once, but that’s it – every morning by 5:30 or 6:00, she’s there on top of me, saying, “You’re not even out of bed and you’re already shirking your responsibilities!”

    And I get up and feed her.

  4. nanno1982 Says:

    I’m a light sleeper myself, I don’t know how it will feel like to wake up on the news 😀
    I prefer music instead 😀

    wow.. you made this poem so real, that I felt i’m there between the lines..

    great work

  5. I hate alarm clocks but I do use my alarm on my handphone and it is more likely that I will not hurt my handphone! lol

    With hubby, I really do not need an alarm at all.

    Love your choice of words and your thoughts.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  6. mcfloetry Says:

    I liked the light hearted approach. I found your poem comical and truthful. Very good 🙂

  7. I like your poem. It’s cute 🙂 I can relate, although my alarm is not an alarm clock but the one in my cellphone.

    Nice poem.


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