Just watched “Doubt”


The acting was outstanding.  It was one of those films that deals with right/wrong, values.  My favorite quote from the film was when Father Flynn askes Sister Beauvier where her compassion is and she replies, “No where you can get at it.”  Wow!  I don’t think a line from a film has ever affected me or struck me like that.  My mind is full of thoughts.  All of the actors were fantastic, as I said.  It’s amazing how one can be made to seem guilty at the whim of another.  It’s like witch trials.   The media does this all the time, judge people, and influence public opinion.

Very interesting film.  Sad.  Striking.  Moving.  Dark.  Wintery.


7 Responses to “Just watched “Doubt””

  1. jingle Says:


    great movie sharing.
    Love to see you smile.
    You Deserve Happiness. 🙂

  2. shoreacres Says:

    I’ve heard of the film but know nothing about it – not much of a film buff, here. I’m going to find a synopsis and see if it interests.

    • Julie Says:

      I’m not a film buff, either, but I love a good one. I only watch it if there is a lot of positive feedback about it! Or if its subject matter interests me. I like independent films and documentaries. I watch a lot at Netflix online.

      It’s set in 1964, and it’s about a Catholic parochial school, its head mistress, the priest of the parish and school, and a boy attending who is the 1st black person to attend the school. It is also about his teacher. The priest & head mistress are in deep conflict. There are racial & sexuality issues. It is very rich, and I loved the characters.

      I’d recommend it.

  3. Kim S. Says:

    Hey, I loved it too. I saw it a while ago, but I thought they left it somewhat ambiguous at the end – was he or wasn’t he?? Because he didn’t question her talking to the nun at the other parish and what she might have said… Let me know what you think:)

    • Julie Says:

      At some point he answered No to her, I thought. I think the ambiguity was probably intentional, but my impression was he had thoughts but didn’t act on them. Straight pedophilia is a love, of sorts. I think he cared for the boy because of his situation, and gave him the extra attention he needed to get through.

      Jaymie mentioned layers in this film–oh yes. I thought the boys Mom saying he was effeminate added an additional layer. And the surprising admission from Sister Bouvier at the end that she had doubts.

      It was very interesting. I think the Priest had the feelings, but didn’t act on them.

      • Kim S. Says:

        I think that was what I thought too. I think it might be one of those films that I watch again to see if there are things that I missed the first time through. I did think it was excellent. I don’t know if you have ever seen Pan’s Labyrinth. It has subtitles. Not sure you do subtitles, but that was an excellent movie as well, beautiful and tragic, many layers…

  4. Jaymie Says:

    This was our December film for book club! There was so many layers to it – I think it was the best film discussion we have had in book club. We read 10 books a year, have one planning meeting in January and a movie in December (to make the holidays easier).

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