I know I’ve mentioned Theodore Roethke


He was born the same year as my Granny!  One of the characters on NCIS-LA (an eccentric played by the always lovely Linda Hunt) mentioned a Roethke and one of his poems on the show last week.  I was impressed.

I’m going to link to where I found the poem, and I want to comment on the site.  It is for the Kingfisher, A Journal of Northwest Art and Literature.  I found the writer’s introduction about Roethke refreshing.  The site is full of beautiful art, literature and some other genres of the creative realm.

I found this interesting poem here:

Open House 
My secrets cry aloud.
I have no need for tongue.
My heart keeps open house,
My doors are widely swung.
An epic of the eyes
My love, with no disguise.

My truths are all foreknown,
This anguish self-revealed.
I’m naked to the bone.
With nakedness my shield.
Myself is what I wear.
I keep the spirit spare.

The anger will endure.
The deed will speak the truth.
In language strict and pure.
I stop the lying mouth:
Rage warps my clearest cry
To witless agony.


5 Responses to “I know I’ve mentioned Theodore Roethke”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Wow, incredible. Thank you for sharing your great find.

  2. jingle Says:

    sweet discovery ob poetry, thank you for posting to entertain and educate.
    take good care.
    have fun yourself.

  3. gbaugh Says:

    Great poem great site I love this one by Theodore Roethke

    from The Lost Son:
    Goodbye, goodbye, old stones, the time-order is going,
    I have married my hands to perpetual agitation,
    I run, I run to the whistle of money.
    Money money money
    Water water water.

    Great find, thank you for posting this.
    Gerardine Baugh

  4. gbaugh Says:

    I nominated you for the Blogger award on my site.
    Gerardine Baugh

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