I love Betty Draper’s real name–January Jones.  How unusual.  January is usually the month when I struggle with depression the most.  For all the stress I’ve encountered this month, I should be depressed, but I am oddly happy and invigorated.  I like change, so I don’t find it as stressful as some.  We moved 1/23.  When our eldest went to school this past year we sold our house & moved into an apartment, with the intention of building a townhouse in a new community.  My husband lost his job, so a mortgage wasn’t exactly at the top of our list of desires.  We’d signed a contract, and were so grateful to receive every penny back.

So, the apartment we were occupying was 2 bedrooms, and pretty small.  The neighborhood was a little odd.  There was an underlying unpleasant energy, which I didn’t notice until we moved away.  Personally, I enjoyed seeing people, being able to walk places, etc.  Ultimately we realized it wasn’t very good for our youngest, Barrett.  He has experienced major change–big brother (& best friend) going off to college, moving from the house in which he grew up, and Tim losing his job.   All of this was very tough on him.

Fortunately we found another, larger apartment very close to our old neighborhood.  Barrett can walk to school.  We have a lovely view in the living room.  There are these over-sized sliding glass doors which open onto a small patio.  I’m finding I really like renting.  I’d forgotten what it’s like to have something break down & not have to worry about paying to fix it.  This place feels so much more like home, too.

So, we moved here 1/23.  The next weekend it snowed 14″.  It was quite beautiful.  Tim has had several bouts with MRSA, which is a penicillin resistant staph infection.  This started in 2008.  Friday, a week ago, we realized what had looked like one of those painful red zits that never materializes was actually a MRSA lesion.  That Friday, the 29th, we called the doc who proscribed Bactrim (I think that’s the name of it–it’s the 1st oral antibiotic you have to take when you have MRSA, because that’s what the insurance company says you have to do!  And we all know they know what is best for our health, right?!)

Anyhow, it didn’t improve, and by Monday Tim looked like he had lost a big fight.  The left side of his face was very swollen, his eye was almost swollen shut.  We went to the doc in the am who sent us directly to the emergency room.  Fortunately his bloodwork indicated no problem with an internal infection, which would be life threatening.  They admitted him and started him on IV antibiotics and treated his pain.  MRSA is quite painful because of the swelling and sensitivity of the lesion.   By Wed. he was out of isolation (he could walk around the hospital) so we thought–why not be home?  So they arranged for home infusion people to come show me how to give him iv’s at home.  That is what we have been doing since then.  We will do this until Tuesday and he sees the doc Monday.

So, the past month has been extremely stressful.  For some reason I’m handling it very well.  I’m thankful for this response.  It was much worse when Tim was in the hospital.  Barrett is too young to visit him.  I felt guilty for leaving Barrett (who was home because of the snow) and then I felt guilty leaving Tim.  And sad.  I missed him at night.  I’m a scaredy cat, and I was afraid to go to bed the first night.  I finally went at 5am.

It snowed again this weekend, another 6-7 in. on top of the 14″ from last week.  Could be much worse.  North of here, DC & MD, are seeing a lot more snow.  I’ve cleaned & shoveled around the car 5 times, because the temperature was expected to drop dramatically, and I didn’t want 8″ of ice on and around the car, especially with Tim sick.  He has this PICC (acronym for something) line for an iv.  It’s a port that goes directly to his heart.  If it were to fall out or something it would be very serious, so I wanted to be ready to leave quickly if I needed to.  I’m thankful I did this because it would be much harder to dig out now.  It’s 20 degrees and dropping. 

My heart feels very grateful.  I feel thankful.  And tired.  So off for Elsie’s last walk & then to bed.  Thanks for listening.

Tim is much, much better.  The swelling on his face & eye has gone down, the lesion has been draining wonderfully.  There has been tremendous improvement the past 2 days.

5 Responses to “January”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Thinking about you and sending blessings your way. I’m glad you are in a place that feels more like home. 🙂

    • Julie Says:

      Thank you, Jaymie. I have my writing mojo back, I think. I’ve been so distracted & busy, but writing makes me feel so much better. Thank you for being here for me.

  2. christie Says:

    Hope all is well with the MRSA. My 4 year old niece has has 4 bouts with it over the last 2 years and the poor thing keeps having to go to the doctor for painful procedures. she hasn’t had it in 6 months so our fingers are crossed its gone for good.

    Keep breathing and moving forward. Enjoy your books…i need to read more!!

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