I Want To Know


I want to know about artists

and poets of the 20th century.

I want to know their personal


and their creative processes.

I want to study and write,

but have no time because I’m reading.

I want to feel creativity.

I do feel creativity, intuition.

Sometimes things seem blocked,

far way.

Other times they are very clear.

Sometimes I know a lot,

other times I know very little.

I want to know, have knowledge.

People fascinate me.

There are so many differences,

and so many similarities.

I’ve felt far from Spirit.

I want to feel Spirit in me again.

I know Spirit is there.

I’ve felt profound gratitude,

and always relate gratitude to Spirit,

so why have I not felt Spirit?

I’ve felt skeptical, judgemental,

disingenous, yet how can that be?

I try to be honest.

I try to be myself.

There are so many changes,

my sense of self is a bit rattled.

But how I love change.

Life would be so boring without it.

I’ve seen more hawks the past month

than I’d seen the past year.

I love my view.

Woods, a creek, birds, birds!

I love them in the wild.

I’ve seen Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal eating in a bush,

and Blue Jay bullying them away.

Mr. Cardinal fled first to the next tree,

and called loudly to the Mrs.

It was so sweet!

Life has been so different.

We’ve been in our own little world.

The weather and other things

have made us immobile.

Does that mean stuck?

I feel stuck, but I don’t.

I feel fluid, but I don’t.

I feel love all around me.

The breeze is my comfort

that life goes on.

The winter has affected me.

Last week I saw a gaggle of robins

cavorting on one bare piece of ground.

What a joy!


9 Responses to “I Want To Know”

  1. jingle Says:

    that’s very beautiful poem!

    I am excited to see u today!
    Keep shining,
    Keep doing better,
    U R great in no time!

  2. “But how I love change.
    Life would be so boring without it.”
    Very true!! This poem has me wishing for warmer weather. Wonderful!!


    • Julie Says:

      Today was wonderful & tomorrow it’s supposed to 59!!! Even better. I do love Virginia for it’s dependable reprieves from weather extremes.

  3. Jaymie Says:

    free flow…I might have to follow your lead. 🙂

  4. mafiashark Says:

    Loved this….and hey you’ve been awarded…
    You’ve received the Sunshine Award..!!!
    check it out here at

  5. Hi mates, ɦow іs tҺe whole tһing, and what уou
    wisһ for tto say about tҺis post, іn my view
    its really awesome for me.

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