Feldenkrais and Reading


First, just let me say, I think I’m going to like this Feldenkrais work.  I’m familiar with lots of healing modalities, but I’d never heard of this.  Nancy Dawe, Feldenkrais practitioner extraordinaire, worked with me this morning, and then, literally put me to bed.  She said I have to rest “be comfortable” twice a day.  Tim & I are both learning how to take better care of ourselves.  Difficult lesson I might add.  As I think most people in our society would find this difficult.

Started reading a novel by a little gem Tarheel named Clyde Edgerton.  It’s called The Bible Salesman.  It’s about. well, a lot.  I’m finding it very interesting.  It takes place in eastern NC,  my second home.  Perhaps I need to write about Belhaven, and the time I spent there.  That aside, Henry is a naive young Bible salesman, questioning some of the things he’s reading, because he’s always been told (by my nemesis, the apostle Paul) how the Holy Bible is the true word of God.  Yet, he’s reading it and keeps coming up with these contradictions, and wonders why his preacher nor his aunt (who raised him) never addressed them, since it was Bible study, after all!  Humourous, too.For me, geography plays a big part in my enjoyment of a film or book.   I’m delighted I’ve discovered Clyde Edgerton (love the name!) and plan on reading more of his work.

I also picked up at the library Joe McGinniss’s Never Enough about Robert & Andrew (and murderess wife Nancy) Kissel.  I read another books which was more about Andrew & his wife, but I thought this take would be interesting as it focuses more on Nancy & Robert.  I also got Peaches & Daddy by Michael M. Greenburg about a young girl in the 20’s who marries a Manhattan millionaire, age 51.  Apparently they both had a penchant for exhibitionist behavior and moolah!  Should be interesting.  The byline is “a story of the roaring 20’s, the birth of tabloid media, & the courtship that captured the heart and imagination of the American public.”  All of my requirements for a good read-in case you’re wondering, it is true.  Sort of a group study of a scandalous event.  Oh, how I love sociology!

I borrowed several books from Amanda.  Escape was one of them.  There’s also another about one of the boys in the FLDS, some other non-fiction & Norton’s Anthology of Narrative, because I’m on a reading frenzy.

Okay, need to walk my girl then go get Barrett at school.  I’m feeling a lot better!!


6 Responses to “Feldenkrais and Reading”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better! And The Bible Salesman sounds wonderful.

    Hope your weekend is great and you get plenty of reading time.

    • Julie Says:

      Why, thank you, Miss. I plan to read a lot and take physcial things slowly this weekend! I also feel a poem burning in my heart, which feels fantastic! : )

  2. divamover Says:

    So glad to hear that you enjoyed your Feldenkrais lesson! It is wonderful and transformative work, and very empowering in the long run. Have fun!

  3. Jingle Says:

    glad to see u with positive and shining energy.
    hope that u have fun!

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