was beautiful!!  It was about 70 deg in the sun, 60 out of the sun.  I’m happy to see a little spring like weather.

I’m reading…Peaches and Daddy, by Michael M. Greenburg.  It’s a true story about a 15 year old girl & 51 year old man were married in the 1920’s.  It’s also about the mores of the time, and the birth of tabloid journalism, and the obsession the public can have at times.  I’m enjoying it.  Peaches was just 2 years younger than my Granny, born 1920. 

I want to mention a great blog, http://firednfabulous.blogspot.com.  She’s on my blogroll, and I was reading her all the time up until a month or so ago, (I’ve been really distracted).  She’s hilarious, a great, witty writer.  A true girl’s girl. 

Also, today I spent some time with Mary at Frame Nation.  She is funny and nice and open.  I met her through Twitter!  She does excellent framing work, by the way, and stocks a huge variety of framing material.  She also uses “green” framing materials and actually recycles architectural elements by using them with art to create frames that are works of art themselves!   I look forward to working (but it will really be like playing) with her a little.  She has a great location, between Shockoe Slip & Shockoe Bottom, and just across the river from the Manchester Arts District.  These areas have grown so much in the last 20 years that I think it’s all under the umbrella of The River District.   There’s a walk by the canal, river rapids-one of the only towns/cities around with class III & IV rapids, lots of history.  It felt so alive to be there today!

It was nice to get out.  Haven’t gotten out a lot the past month because of the boot I have for my broken foot.  One more week with that.  Well, back to doc in 1 week.  Hopefully won’t have to wear it longer.  It’s very inconvenient.


One Response to “Today…”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    I’m getting spring fever too! Glad the boot is coming off soon.

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