Spring-Oh My!


It has been ages since I’ve posted on my blog.  I have to say–when I’m busy it’s hard to find the inspiration or time.  The weather has been fabulous!!  Today breezy, high 80’s & pollen all over the place.  Was in a big hurry this morning so I didn’t do my neti pot.  Opted for the rare but quick Afrin, because my nose was so not taking in air properly.  Also took a zyrtec. 

I’ve discovered the dog park in my apartment complex & have taken Elsie there twice.  I want to get her over there every day.  So far she has not socialized, although she has shown initial interest & sniffage.  The first day there was a Golden Doodle-poodle/golden mix named.. Memo.  He was adorable and playful.  Elsie was snapping (very harmlessly) at him.  Didn’t want to play.  There was also a Great Dane named Diesel.  He was dark gray and like a big teddy bear-very sweet.  Elsie got along fine with him.  (That is-sniffed and allowed herself to be sniffed).

Yesterday there was an energetic, sweet Westie named Belle.  She wanted to play with Elsie so badly, but Elsie wasn’t in the mood.  There was no snapping though.  Then Luke, a basset hound, came.  He is 12 years old and darling.  Elsie showed the most interest in Luke.  She even got a little frisky, but to no end.  Lost interest.  All of the owners are very nice, and I’m hoping Elsie will get socialized.  She wanted to see our little neighbor, Vixen, who is a mix with the softest hair.  We got pollen all over us yesterday and I found a tick on me later, crawling.  That gives me the biggest heebie-jeebs!  I really dislike ticks.  Need to put some Frontline on Elsie pronto.

I’ve been reading, of course.  Now I’m reading an interesting book called The Hypochondriacs by Brian Dillon.  I believe he’s Irish.  It’s a study of various artists and brilliant thinkers from Emily Bonte, Charles Darwin to Andy Warhol who were afflicted.  It treats the perception of the meaning of the word well, with a thorough history of it in the beginning of the book.  It was a little dull, but when he gets into talking about the individuals affected I’m sure it will interest me more.  I also need to get a dictionary out or be by my laptop when I’m reading because I am not familiar with some of the words he uses.  Providentially, I saw this book on a website called Bas Bleu.  It heralds itself “champion of the odd little book”.  I had written down the name of this book the day before I saw it at the library, so I checked it out.

Last week I read… trying to remember… Oh, Alice Sebold’s The Almost Moon.  Oddly, I’d read it before, and it couldn’t have been that long ago, but I remembered few of the details.  I just kept having de-ja-vu the whole time I was reading it.  It was very creepy, because I still never got the memory of reading it, the certainty that I’d read it.   I enjoyed it, but her cerebral Existentialism was a little over the top.  I read it over last weekend.  I really like Alice Sebold.  I read The Lovely Bones years ago.  It was excellent.  I was startled and impressed with her treatment of the narrator as a little girl who had been murdered.  Lucky is her memoir of being raped in college, and it was also very good.  Her writing is impressive.

The week before I read Mary Karr’s Lit.  It was wonderful.  I didn’t want it to end.  Her prose is beautiful, and her honesty really reaches into the reader.  I loved it.  I had read The Liars Club back in 1996 or 97 when it came out.  I enjoyed it a lot, and of course didn’t remember any of the details, just that I’d loved the book.  Unlike Sebold’s book, I remembered reading The Liars Club, although it was years ago.  I also didn’t remember she was a poet also, and I want to read her poetry.  Mary Karr is soooo real & good & honest.   I love it when a book makes you want to be friends with the writer.

Well, that’s it for the moment.  Lots of changes in our lives, all for the good.  It’s been a bit painful, but it’s going to be fine.  It already is.  I’ve been up & down, but right now the weather is giving me a great boost, and I have my positive mojo, if not my creative mojo.  Muse, where are you?  Please visit.  I promise I will pay attention.


One Response to “Spring-Oh My!”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Love hearing about the lovely weather. We are still fluctuating between snow and sunshine here. You reminded me that I really have fallen behind in my reading. Just so happy to hear things are looking brighter!

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