I Hate Not Knowing…


How I will feel from day to day.

If the gray mass will overtake me before I get going,

or just pull my energies back and make my heart dull.

I’m exploiting the times I’m free of it!

We have many stresses now,

just like everyone else.

I can survive stress without being depressed!

can’t i?

I feel small, tight.

I know I will survive and be stronger.


4 Responses to “I Hate Not Knowing…”

  1. sami Alam Says:

    it was one of the wonderful post i’ve seen…
    outstanding balance of stuffzz….
    Amazing work….
    learnd a lot
    Visit mine and plz plz plz post your comments…

    Thank you…i’ll b in touch….

  2. stephanie joyce Says:

    sorry you are in this place again…we need to put something fun on the calendar!!!! Your poetry is beautifully expressive. I especially loved the piece you wrote about Memom.
    Love you dear friend.

  3. Jaymie Says:

    We can survive the small, tight times. We have before…sending blessings and loving that you are writing again.

  4. I think when I get hit by the ‘blues’ it comes in on the weather..or not. Still trying to figure that one out! I love this poem, I can feel it intensely.

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