Reading (or not)


I tried, I really tried, to read Hypochondriacs by Brian Dillon.  I read about James Boswell’s hypochondria (read: depression).  I thought Charlotte Bonte would be more interesting.  It wasn’t.  He was absolutely obsessive about rehashing the etymolgy of the word hypochondria.  I really got it by about page 25.  I wanted to hear more about how it was reflected in the life and work of the artists.  I will skim it further, though, to see what he has to say about the others, especially Andy Warhol.  He was the most contemporary artist studied here.

I’m now reading Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner.  It’s a quick read, and I like her writing.  She lectures and teaches at Duke Divinity.  She is the child of a Jewish man and a lapsed Baptist woman, all southern.  She seems a little obsessive herself, and could be arrogant if not for her frequent self-effacement.  In college she decides to become an Orthodox Jew (I never knew they had all of these daily rituals and rules!) and later becomes a Chrisitian.  I’m curious about her journey, because my path always takes a lot of twists and turns.  She recently spoke at University of Richmond.  I couldn’t go, so I ordered this book.  I think she was actually touting her latest book, but I thought this one looked interesting.  I always find conversion from one religion to another interesting, because my take is always from the point of from religion to no religion.

I want to read more poems by the following writers/poets:  William Blake, Langston Hughes, Mary Karr, Billy Collins, Mary Oliver.


2 Responses to “Reading (or not)”

  1. Do you hit the library or do you buy all your books. I love reading about what you’re reading. Very interesting and enlightening!

    • Julie Says:

      Hi Gerardine!! Nice to “see you”. I’m glad you like reading about my reading. I am reading a lot this days and love talking about it! I buy a lot of books, unfortunately. I should check more out of the library, although I also do that. I always (almost) buy my books used, thought. I’ve written about my favorite on line bookseller, Better World Books. They are non-profit. I also buy used books from Amazon for pennies + shipping. I also borrow books, but rarely. I have a hard time remembering to return them. Today I went to a local bookseller (one of 3 left in Richmond!) and bought some interesting books I’m going to blog about.

      Hope you’re doing well. I appreciate your reading my blog SO MUCH!!

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