I wanted to say


something about the fragile cherry blossoms,

now gone.

The world is now green, green, green.

So many shades of beautiful green.

Birds, wonderful birds, everywhere.

I’m dazzled by the sight of a red-winged black bird,

and a baby snapping turtle, who rolled off the log,

out of sight.

Some hot days, then some cooler ones,

all beautiful.

Saw my nose’s nemesis, ragweed, too.

I’ve been graced by the sights and sounds

of loving cardinals, quacking ducks,

and noble hawks.

The silent blue sky occupied by

peace eagles, way up high.

Others call them buzzards,

but the natives call them peace eagles,

because they do not kill to eat.





One Response to “I wanted to say”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    A joyfull capture! Made me smile.

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