I finished reading Girl Meets God.  I’ve been reading poems from the anthology, and loving it!  I also did a writing prompt exercise and couldn’t believe the store that came forth.  I put a lot of just writing over on another blog at Open Salon.  I think it’s under juliawb.  It’s kind of a first chapter, although my intention was a short story.  A couple of folks asked me what happens next, though.  Perhaps I can think of a prompt for another chapter and see where it goes…

Now I’m reading a good ‘ole true crime book, by one of my faves, Jack Olsen.  It’s called Cold Kill.  As usual, he delves extensively into the mind(s) of the perpetrator(s).  I needed some True Crime after all the memoir, art & poetry I was reading.  I actually stayed up way too late reading that.  I will say again, Jack Olsen is the Original and best of the true crime genre.  He also wrote wrote for Time and other magazines, and wrote nonfiction about interesting events.

I’m going to look up a poetry prompt and see if anything comes up.  I LOVE prompts.  They suit my personality perfectly, and my best writing, I believe, is stream of consciousness.

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