Things Found At An Auction


Years ago

I visited country auctions.

Always entertaining,

The bidding excited me.

There was a ladder back arm chair

I recently gave away

for wont of space.

A wing chair

just now restored.

A wooden box about knee-high,

with a 12 inch square top,

and a recessed panel in the front,


its old fashioned keyhole empty.

Key, where are you?

Box, what did I store in you?

I loved an old cardboard box

full of silver plate.

That’s all gone now,

to make room for my wedding–

fine stainless?

Wish the silver plate was here.

A walnut mortis and tenon blanket chest

with broken, but existing, hinges

holds many possessions I need–

out of sight.

Other finds have come and gone.

The chase is what entices us–

the eye contact, the nod,

the hyper-consciousness of the auctioneer

and last competing bidders.

It always comes down to two.

Who will win?

or lose,

depending upon one’s perspective.

My sister, Lynn,

paid too much for

four small flow blue bowls.

How lovely they were!

I think she won.


2 Responses to “Things Found At An Auction”

  1. Jaymie Says:

    Julie this is lovely. Makes me want to attend an auction. Makes me wonder about all the stories hidden away in the items being sold.

  2. Julie Says:

    It brought back very fond memories for me. I got the prompt on line. I love prompts!!

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